version 151.02022-11-25gregoa
add volume 152
version 151.02022-08-13gregoa
add volume 151
version 150.02022-05-30gregoa
add volume 150
version 149.02022-05-06gregoa
add volume 149
version 148.22022-02-05gregoa
fix typo in vol. 147
version 148.12021-10-03gregoa
update titles for vol. 147 and 148, plus various fixes.
version 148.02021-10-02gregoa
add volume 148
version 147.02021-08-21gregoa
add volume 147
version 146.02020-03-06gregoa
add volume 146
version 145.02020-02-15gregoa
add volume 145
version 144.02019-10-27gregoa
add volume 144
version 143.02019-09-14gregoa
add volume 143
version 142.12019-09-09gregoa
typographic change in vol. 59 (new asciidoc version)
version 142.02019-08-04gregoa
add volume 142
version 141.02019-06-16gregoa
add volume 141
version 140.12019-05-04gregoa
add volume 140
version 140.02019-03-04gregoa
add volume 139
version 139.02019-02-04gregoa
add volume 138; typography fix in vol. 136
version 138.12018-12-07gregoa
fix some typos/markup errors
version 138.02018-12-07gregoa
add volume 137
version 137.02018-08-25gregoa
add volume 136
version 136.12018-06-03gregoa
fix hyphen in vol. 53
version 136.02018-06-03gregoa
add volume 135
version 135.12018-06-03gregoa
fix "monaco di baviera" in vol. 132
version 135.02018-05-21gregoa
add volume 134
version 134.02018-05-15gregoa
add volume 133
version 133.22018-05-12gregoa
fix typo in volume 32
version 133.12018-02-26gregoa
add one more link to volume 132
version 133.02018-02-26gregoa
add volume 132
version 132.02018-02-11gregoa
add volume 131
version 131.12018-01-18gregoa
fix typo in volume 36
version 131.02017-08-17gregoa
add volume 130
version 130.12017-05-30gregoa
fix typo in volume 127
version 130.02017-05-28gregoa
add volume 129
version 129.02017-05-01gregoa
add volume 128
version 128.22017-04-09gregoa
remove flattr button
version 128.12017-02-20gregoa
fix typo in volume 127
version 128.02017-02-17gregoa
add volume 127
version 127.12016-11-03gregoa
volume 125: replace broken link.
version 127.02016-09-26gregoa
add volume 126
version 126.12016-07-22gregoa
fix a typo, thanks chrisu
version 126.02016-07-14gregoa
add volume 125
version 125.02016-06-14gregoa
add volume 124
version 124.02016-05-05gregoa
add volume 123
version 123.12016-02-15gregoa
fix some typos in vol. 120 and 122
version 123.02016-02-02gregoa
add volume 122
version 122.02016-01-06gregoa
add volume 121
version 121.12016-01-04gregoa
fix an error in volume 115
version 121.02015-10-02gregoa
add volume 120
version 120.02015-08-23gregoa
add volume 119
version 119.02015-05-29gregoa
add volume 118
version 118.02015-04-30gregoa
add volume 117
version 117.12015-03-13gregoa
fix typo in vol.60
version 117.02015-02-03gregoa
add volume 116
version 116.02015-01-26gregoa
add volume 115
version 115.22014-11-19gregoa
fix error in vol. 110
version 115.12014-11-15gregoa
fix error in vol. 113
version 115.02014-11-15gregoa
add volume 114
version 114.12014-10-07gregoa
fix typo in vol. 112
version 114.02014-09-05gregoa
add volume 113
version 113.12014-06-12gregoa
fix typo in volume 109
version 113.02014-06-11gregoa
add volume 112
version 112.02014-05-02gregoa
add volume 111
version 111.12014-03-21gregoa
add section IDs for chapters; fix some mistakes
version 111.02014-03-21gregoa
add volume 110
version 110.02014-02-04gregoa
add volume 109
version 109.02013-08-19gregoa
add volume 108
version 108.02013-07-24gregoa
add volume 107
version 107.12013-05-28gregoa
fix typo in vol.80
version 107.02013-04-29gregoa
add volume 106
version 106.02013-02-04gregoa
add volume 105
version 105.02012-11-26gregoa
add volume 104
version 104.22012-08-20gregoa
fix a typo
version 104.12012-07-30gregoa
fix a typo
version 104.02012-07-23gregoa
add volume 103
version 103.02012-06-25gregoa
add volume 102
version 102.12012-05-28gregoa
change filenames to "band_*.html"; fix some errors in various volumes
version 102.02012-05-21gregoa
add volume 101
version 101.02012-04-30gregoa
add volume 100
version 100.12012-02-08gregoa
various minor fixes
version 100.02012-02-07gregoa
add volume 99; fix a word in volume 98
version 99.12011-11-02gregoa
fix a typo in volume 98
version 99.02011-10-31gregoa
add volume 98
version 97.22011-10-13gregoa
typos in volume 92 and 93
version 97.12011-09-09gregoa
stable URL for revhistory
version 97.02011-08-01gregoa
add volume 97
version 96.32011-07-07gregoa
move revhistory to separate page
version 96.22011-05-24gregoa
add spamtrap include to footer of HTML version
version 96.12011-04-28gregoa
fix typo in volume 27
version 96.12011-04-19gregoa
convert em dashes to en dashes; small fixes in volume 4
version 96.02011-04-18gregoa
add volume 96
version 95.02011-04-09gregoa
add volume 95
version 94.42011-02-27gregoa
update flattr button
version 94.32011-02-25gregoa
HTML improvements (add "return to top" links; add "archäologie des alltags" to <title>); some fixes in volumes 5 and 36
version 94.22011-02-14gregoa
change my email address
version 94.12011-02-10gregoa
some fixes in volume 91
version 94.02011-02-08gregoa
add volume 94
version 93.02011-01-03gregoa
convert to asciidoc/docbook