gregoa's news 2004
amplifier & guitar seat amplifier (fender mini-deluxe, 1 watt) bike bike books (not only 2004)

car (seicento young) car (built 2000, appr. 30.000 km, 39 ps) communicator 9500, outside display, docked communicator 9500, screensaving communicator 9500, interior display, calendar app

computer, intel d865gbf board, 1 gb ram, 160 gb hd, intel celeron 2.8 ghz computer, old disk in tray, front side usb, floppy operating system: debian sarge glasses alone glasses in my face

harp (hohner bluesharp ms) harp (hohner bluesharp b) screen (benq t720, 17" tft), window manager: ion2

created with igal

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