gregoa's news 2005
created some debian packages & a repository 1st visit to lisbon in april, dinner on 1st evening (photo © bernadette fischler 2005) 1st visit to corse in july, the ferry (photo © david sporschill 2005) bought some t-shirts from (photo © david sporschill 2005) started my blog in august

new trio infernal cd: "esperimenti azzurri"; chrisu, klemi & me (cover design by chrisu jähnl 2005) 2nd time at the ferrara buskers festival in august (photo © chrisu jähnl 2005) bought an mp3 player bought a new blu^Hack jean bought a new switch

1st visit to berlin in october, "my" room (photo © andreas kaufmann 2005) bought (used) snowchains bought (& got) some books & cds got some wine

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