nanoblogger & ISO-8859-1

for people using nanoblogger on a non-UTF-8 system it's a little annoying that all pages are served as utf-8.
here's a short guide to changing nanoblogger to ISO-8859-1:

  • in blog.conf change BLOG_CHARSET="utf-8" to BLOG_CHARSET="iso-8859-1" & add -latin1 to TIDY_ARGS.

    TIDY_ARGS doesn't exist any more, use TIDY_HTML_ARGS & TIDY_XML_ARGS instead. E.g.:
      TIDY_HTML_ARGS="-asxhtml -latin1 -q"
      TIDY_XML_ARGS="-xml -latin1 -q"
    cf. the Debian BTS for details.
  • in the template directory change every occurence of <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> to <?xml version="1.0" encoding="$BLOG_CHARSET"?>. - IMO this is a bug anyway, cf. the Debian BTS.

    the bug is closed now, so it doesn't affect new blogs from nanoblogger version 3.2.3-2 onwards.
  • don't forget to update the blog afterwards: nb -u all
  • be sure that your webserver does not override your page settings via a AddDefaultCharset foobar directive.

gregoa, 2005-09-11, 2005-09-22

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