slrn & PGP/MIME messages

slrn cannot deal with PGP/MIME messages. here's a hack that kind of fixes this problem. - needed ingredients:

  • pgp-verify, a tiny script to "validate and transform a PGP signed message". just saved it somewhere in the $PATH.
  • pgp-verify uses Mail::GnuPG which is also in debian.
  • a tiny slang-macro for slrn, which I copied & adapted from & named .slrn/
  • interpret .slrn/ in .slrnrc.

that's it ;-)

PS: put interpret .slrn/ before interpret if you use both.

gregoa, 2005-12-23, 2006-01-04, 2006-04-09, 2006-06-08, 2006-09-19, 2007-06-01

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