cómodo ['komođo] bequem
es sich gemütlich machen ponerse cómodo
(© Langenscheidts Eurowörterbuch Spanisch)

gregor herrmann

studies & work
then: studies in business administration, political science, philosophy, and interpersonal communication at the university of innsbruck (theses for download)

now: work at the tyrolean addiction prevention center (kontakt+co Suchtprävention Jugendrotkreuz)

about me
CV: english, deutsch (PDFs)

toastfreeware: writing free software & eating toasts
debian: the universal operating system (my packages, private debian repository)

gregor in paris after dinner
(photo credit: ansch)
gregoa in brussels in 2010
(photo © 2010, MrStyXman, CC-BY 2.0)
gregor at the lakeside studios
(photo credit: chrisu 2021)

life, the universe,
» random musings (a.k.a. blog) | p.r. - political rants (yet another blog) | dents (identi.ca) | tweets (twitter) | toots (mastodon) | research (travel/everyday culture): archäologie des alltags | going to the movies (often at leokino/cinematograph) | trio infernal: a fantastic superb fingerpicking guitar trio | guiding/scouting: my former group, my former regional association, the national association «

& everything
» my personal library | openpgp: old key (revoked), current key, transition statement | wanna send me a gift? | photos: a handy gallery; paris i, ii, iii, iv, v; ligurien/toskana; rome; news 2004; news 2005 | what's important for life: community, authenticity «

author: gregor herrmann :-)
last update: 2024-02-15

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