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entries from December 2005

2005-12-31 13:06:22 +0100
let's celebrate ...
... the first leap second in seven years! thanks to jwz for this enlightning blog entry.
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2005-12-30 00:23:56 +0100
holidays (i.e. reducing overtime hours).
two weeks.
finally. sleeping.
playing guitar.
reading (newsgroups, feeds, newspapers, ...).
some coding & some bugreports. outside temperature: -14°C.
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2005-12-23 17:51:40 +0100
slrn & PGP/MIME
finally I managed to get reading PGP/MIME messages in slrn working. cf. my article on this subject.
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2005-12-18 04:09:25 +0100
tried again to work on the named pipe for randomplay (cf. my entry from last weekend). the current status is that I know when randomplay writes to the pipe & when it doesn't, & that my small (reading) shell script can handle the results in a sane way. zombies are left only when I go to the next song; but they are cleaned on exit, & the named pipe is removed as well. - in fact I hardly changed anything — maybe just waiting for 7 or 8 days was enough. better than nothing. & — oh yes: my ion3 status bar tells me what I'm listening to, too ;-) update 1: I slowly seem to get rid of the zombies with some $SIG{CHLD} magic.
update 2: & later they re-appeared again.
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2005-12-11 22:02:39 +0100
health promotion II: bathing
lying in the bath tub for over two hours is healthy. what I did:
  • I read "der knochenmann" by wolf haas. my first novel by this author. summary: now I know him, using more verbs would definitely help his language, and: appropriate reading for bath tubs & holidays.
  • I tore the splinter out of my foot after the latter was macerated enough from soaking ...
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2005-12-10 15:09:32 +0100
health promotion I - sleeping
went to bed at 03:07. woke up at 09:38. went to the toilet. went to bed again. woke up at 14:44 again.
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2005-12-10 00:52:24 +0100
failure & success


what I like about xmms is the named pipe (provided by xmms-info) that can be used to read informations about the currently playing track. so I tried to implement a similar feature into randomplay; sometimes success seemed close & sometimes it seemed far away. finally I surrendered - being not able to reproduce phenomena makes debugging meaningless. - I guess I should learn more about named pipes, fork(), zombies, maybe threads, kill signals, and stuff like that.


to make up for the failure with randomplay I created an RSS feed for my movie database. - I'm sure it will be read & syndicated by a great many people :-)
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2005-12-08 21:14:05 +0100
I like to go to the movies. I like to have the schedule of my favourite movie theatre in my communicator's calendar. unfortunately they still haven't managed to publish it as a simple CSV file (although the manager has promised me to offer such a thing & it should be a matter of some minutes to create a PHP script for this purpose - cf. the URLs on their schedule page.) anyway, today's a holiday in austria, so I used the time to write a little script that creates a nice CSV file with some wget/html2text/recode/grep/perl/sed magic. having some linux tools around often comes in handy ;-)
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2005-12-04 03:17:52 +0100
strange incident
at 3:13 a.m. the door bell rings. once. twice. I get curious & open the door. - the young woman in front of the door shudders horrified & mutters "sorry". - wtf?
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2005-12-01 21:12:51 +0100
dust monster
yesterday my computer suddenly shut down without any warning or beeps or anything while I was rendering a video; obviously the cpu overheated. after opening the chassis I knew why - the cpu fan was hardly visible under an enormous dust cluster. after cleaning everything my good belanna is working like a charm again. update: installed lm-sensors & sensord afterwards, compiled a new kernel including the lm-sensors-modules, & I hope that I configured everything right.
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