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2006-02-26 04:26:12 +0100
guinan's resurrection
some days ago guinan seemed to have died. today I merged her data & parts of her hardware with david's playground machine and reanimated her hereby. in fact this is guinan's third host body but AFAICS she doesn't mind ;-)
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2006-02-26 03:40:21 +0100
after becoming a member of the Debian Perl Group on thursday I uploaded five modules to the group's svn repository today.
eloy took them just a few hours later and uploaded them to the new queue. - thanks!
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2006-02-21 18:52:15 +0100
guinan dying (or dead?)
chronicles of the suffering of an old server:
  • came home from work.
  • started my workstation.
  • realized I had no connection to guinan (playground server & web/apt proxy & file server).
  • turned on the monitor: nothing.
  • did a hard reset.
  • guinan booted, everything seemed to work.
  • the syslog didn't show anything interesting.
  • some minutes later guinan froze again.
  • hard reset again, & I chose memtest86+ from grub.
  • during the 7th test strange charcaters showed up in the time column. no reaction to key presses.
  • turned the power off. opened the chassis. took out the RAMs. broke the socket of the first RAM slot (only at the side).
  • turned the power on. much fan sound, no picture, no network.
  • changed the monitor. changed the graphics card. changed the PCI slot for the graphics card. nothing.
  • booting with or without RAM, with or without graphics card just produces fan noises, HD noises, nothing more. no beeps e.g.
  • closed the chassis, moved guinan back in position, turned her off.
hints welcome.
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2006-02-20 22:10:52 +0100
listening to the Ö1 evening news can be funny:

milch- & milchprodukte sind nach (sic!) bier die größte umsatzgruppe im österreichischen lebensmittel(sic!)handel.

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2006-02-19 19:20:11 +0100
today hendrik announced new versions of his *obex* packages on the debian-mentors list. I grabbed & installed them; & — hooray! the stuff works with my nokia communicator 9500. finally I'm able to up-/download files under debian (with obextool using obexftp via the usb connection). related non-news: (g|w)ammu still don't like the communicator (or the dku2 cable) - I can connect via the at19200 connection type but then I have no access to contacts/calendar/sms/... update 1: fixed an error (--get doing the same as --getdelete) in hendrik's version of obexftp & sent him a patch. updated packages are available from the Toastfreeware Debian Repository. — 2006-03-05 update 2: some 70 minutes later hendrik has applied a slightly modified version of the patch & has published new packages. thx! — 2006-03-05
packages removed from the Toastfreeware Debian Repository.
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2006-02-18 18:04:36 +0100
cleaning saturday
this afternoon I cleaned:
  • my CPU fan [0][1]
  • my (original IBM PS/2) keyboard
  • my gpg keyring
  • my host body
appropriate condition of outside world: rainy. [0] & I added the CPU temperature to my ion3 statusbar.
[1] after cleaning the temperature was some 20° lower than before ...
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2006-02-17 18:58:17 +0100
installing windows is ...
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... annoying because of the permanent reboots
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... bugging because some things work only on the 2nd try
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
  • ... boring
at least knoppix & dd were helpful for cloning the installed disk.
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2006-02-16 22:34:01 +0100
first packages in debian archive
toastfreeware's first packages entered the debian archive this evening: fullquottel, mailtextbody (both written by us), & mimetic (a C++ library used & packaged by us). maxx (martin würtele) has uploaded the packages to the NEW queue about one & a half hours ago. - thanks! yes, this is exciting ;-)
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2006-02-16 21:50:13 +0100
archäologie feed
created an RSS 2.0 feed for my "archäologie des alltags" & linked it up to planet cUG. stay tuned for new entries ;-)
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