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2008-05-11 17:10:16 +0200
random news from my boxen
  • since last weekend both my desktop & my laptop run linux 2.6.25 & perl 5.10; no remarkable changes/problems so far.
  • more interesting: by chance (well, by running powertop) I discovered that my laptop (Thinkpad R60e, Intel Celeron M 420 CPU) now supports cpu frequency scaling; it uses the p4-modclock kernel module & works fine with the ondemand governor. — so there might have been some changes in the kernel which I had missed for a whole week :)
for those interested in cpu frequency scaling I can still recommend john goerzen's fine tutorial. update 1:
or not. the machine freezes every other minute for several minutes, both with the ondemand & the conservative governor; & also with the userspace governor. update 2:
after disabling some cpu power management option in the BIOS cpu frequency scaling seems to work, although I see occasional short freezings. update 3:
well, having freezes of 2-3 seconds each minute is better than everything before but not good enough for actually using it.
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