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2023-02-25 23:36:22 +0100
demo video: dpt(1) in pkg-perl-tools

in the Debian Perl Group we are maintaining a lot of packages (around 4000 at the time of writing). this also means that we are spending some time on improving our tools which allow us to handle this amount of packages in a reasonable time.

many of the tools are shipped in the pkg-perl-tools package since 2013, & lots of them are scripts which are called as subcommands of the dpt(1) wrapper script.

in the last years I got the impression that not all team members are aware of all the useful tools, & that some more promotion might be called for. & last week I was in the mood for creating a short demo video to showcase how I use some dpt(1) subcommands when updating a package to a new upstream release. (even though I prefer text over videos myself :))

probably not a cinematographic masterpiece but as the feedback of a few viewers has been positive, I'm posting it here as well:

(direct link as planets ignore iframes …)

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