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2010-08-25 20:41:39 +0200
derivatives as users?
there was a recurring catchphrase during DebConf10, worded something like "Debian derivatives are also our users", that appeared quite often in talks as well as in hallway chats. I kept pondering about this idea, & I'm still not sure what to think about it, & what the "message behind the message" actually is: is it an intelligent new point of view, some new way of thinking, seeing an increase in our user base & therefore in our possibilities&responsibilities? or, on the contrary, is it an admission of "defeat", accepting in resignation that end users prefer other distros, & Debian can only cling to the idea of "derivatives as users" in order to maintain its raison d'être? in the beginning I liked the idea ("oh, I haven't looked at it that way yet"); over time I tended to hear the defending undertone stronger ("if nothing else we are at least useful as a base for other distros"). the phrase might have both aspects; & I'm still not sure neither how it was actually meant nor if I like it ...
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2010-08-22 23:45:18 +0200
RC bugs 2010/27 - 2010/33
long time no RC bug posting. in july I was at the Munich BSP, & during DebCamp/DebConf I had the excuse of being one of the judges of the RCBC (which was the only reason for the freeze, I'm sure :)). to keep up with the tradition of posting about my other RC bug activities, here comes a short list. as you can see most of the work was done in or around the pkg-perl group; luckily I often only have to upload packages prepared by ansgar, carnil, & others.
  • #560634 – src:libparse-debianchangelog-perl: "libparse-debianchangelog-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    upload NMU prepared by Ansgar
  • #578458 – src:libcoro-perl: "libcoro-perl: FTBFS: E: Caught signal 'Terminated': terminating immediately"
    use different backends for different architectures - didn't work :/ (pkg-perl)
  • #580479 – libdbd-mysql-perl: "libdbd-mysql-perl can access out of string and call craches"
    upload new upstream release, prepared by Ansgar (pkg-perl)
  • #582410 – libgtk2-perl: "libgtk2-perl: FTBFS on mips: Failed test 'callbacks encountered'"
    don't run tests that need an X server (pkg-perl)
  • #585471 – webgui: "webgui: License of www/extras/yui/examples/treeview/assets/js/json.js is considered non-free"
    upload new upstream release prepard by SquOnk
  • #588118 – libmoose-perl: "libmoose-perl [ia64]: test failures"
    upload with patch from Niko (pkg-perl)
  • #590409 – src:libdbd-anydata-perl: "libdbd-anydata-perl: FTBFS: Can't call method "params" on unblessed reference at /usr/lib/perl5/DBI/DBD/ line 721."
    upload NMU prepared by Ansgar (pkg-perl)
  • #590453 – libgtk2-perl: "libgtk2-perl: Gtk2::Dialog and descendents signal produces different response to ->run()"
    upload new version prepared by Jeffrey (pkg-perl)
  • #591108 – src:jabref-plugin-oo: "jabref-plugin-oo: FTBFS: package org.antlr.runtime does not exist"
    add .jar to classpath
  • #591113 – src:libwebservice-youtube-perl: "libwebservice-youtube-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    upload fixed package prepared by carnil (pkg-perl)
  • #591120 – src:libhtml-formfu-perl: "libhtml-formfu-perl: FTBFS: failed test"
    upload fixed package prepard by carnil (pkg-perl)
  • #591166 – src:nama: "nama: FTBFS: tests failed"
    upload new upstream release prepared by ansgar (pkg-perl)
  • #592981 – src:jifty: "FTBFS: failed tests t/TestApp-Plugin-SetupWizard/t/001-basic.t with libyaml-syck-perl 1.12-1"
    upload patched package prepared by ansgar (pkg-perl)
  • #593012 – src:libdevel-ebug-perl: "FTBFS: test t/pad.t fails with libyaml-syck-perl 1.12"
    upload patched package prepared by carnil (pkg-perl)
I hope we as a project can keep up the momentum to fix the remaining RC bugs, & see a release in a not so far future.
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2010-08-11 06:15:12 +0200
RCBC - results and prizes
At the beginning of DebCamp, Zack started the RCBC – the Release Critical Bug squashing Contest. Two weeks later not only DebConf10 is over but we also have results for the RCBC: In summary: It was a huge success, we managed to fix
  • 139 RC bugs in testing/unstable
  • 79 RC bugs in stable
And the winners are:
  • Stable: Gerfried Fuchs (77 bugs)
  • Testing/unstable: 1. Moritz Mühlenhoff (32 bugs), 2. Nico Golde (17 bugs), 3. Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (16 bugs)
All details can be found at The winners who haven't collected their prizes at the closing ceremony will get them be snail mail. Finally let me thank
  • our donors of the prizes
  • Micah and Zack for initiating the contest
  • Mehdi for being my co-judge
  • all participants who hugely improved Debian in the last two weeks
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