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2009-07-18 11:26:55 +0200
mad. wifi.
debcamp. first there was one linksys, & my wifi worked fine. after the admins set up lots of nice APs (kudos!) my wifi connection become flakey & slow & dropping out & everything – thanks atheros & ath5k! before I went completely mad I tried plan B: going back to the good old (non-free) madwifi. so I grabbed the last madwifi-source source package from stable, the latest tarball (madwifi-hal- from the madwifi page, built a new madwifi-source package, & then a module package against a kernel source of 2.6.31-rc2-git7 (which I happened to have lying around). looks much better. ssh'ing home to austria is a bit slow but in general the connection looks stable. & I'm still sitting outside :) update 1:
or not. /me->mad. – let's try the next kernel :/ update 2:
2.6.31-rc3 & ath5k look better. at least inside the venue. let's try & go out. update 3;
works in the upper talk room (more more than less); outside: more less than more.
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