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2010-02-15 00:43:59 +0100
RC bugs 2010/05, 2010/06
again a short overview about my RC bug activities:
  • #549760 – src:libipc-shareable-perl: "libipc-shareable-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    grab patch from upstream bug tracker (pkg-perl)
  • #561712 – live-magic: "live-magic: helpers now installed in /usr/share/live-helper/helpers and not /usr/bin"
    cancel NMU (1.7+nmu1) since 1.8 was uploaded
  • #564347 – tuxguitar: "tuxguitar: FTBFS: Nonexistent build-dependency: libswt-gtk-3.4-java"
    check NMU on mentors and add a comment to the BTS (later uploaded by the co-maintainer)
  • #564352 – src:libio-compress-perl: "libio-compress-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    upload package prepared by mxey (pkg-perl)
  • #564384 – src:libpoe-component-ikc-perl: "libpoe-component-ikc-perl: FTBFS: tests hang"
    forward upstream (pkg-perl)
  • #566560 – libgpib-bin: "fails to install"
    create directory that's used in postinst and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #566576 – selinux-basics: "fails to install"
    call dh_installdirs in debian/rules and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #566590 – libxml-stream-perl: "FTBFS: tests fail"
    add comment, change tags, test, close (pkg-perl)
  • #567240 – halevt: "init.d script fails without configuration file"
    apply slightly modified patch from BTS and upload
  • #569067 – libnet-amazon-s3-perl: "module fails at load with Moose error"
    (bump severity to serious and) make a (build) dependency versioned (pkg-perl)
  • #569086 – libnet-amazon-s3-perl: "libnet-amazon-s3-perl FTBFS (missing build-dep on libtest-exception-perl)"
    (report bug and) add missing build dependency (pkg-perl)
  • #569091 – libvideo-capture-v4l-perl: "Uses obsolete V4L1 API"
    forward upstream (pkg-perl)
  • #569437 – src:libmixin-extrafields-param-perl: "libmixin-extrafields-param-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    fix the "problem package" and upload both (pkg-perl)
  • #569450 – src:libi18n-charset-perl: "libi18n-charset-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    fix the "problem package" and upload both (pkg-perl)
mostly pkg-perl related again, but at least a few other things, too ....
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2010-02-03 18:38:40 +0100
my car has a new battery since about a week. but more important: the new battery for my thinkpad arrived today. old:
gregoa@nerys:~$ grep ENERGY /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/uevent
gregoa@nerys:~$ grep ENERGY /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/uevent
looks better :)
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2010-02-01 00:37:38 +0100
RC bugs 2010/04
again, I focussed on the RC bugs in the perl group. & again, carnil++ was very active both in finding & in fixing them :)
  • #560616 – src:pip: "pip: FTBFS: tests failed"
    add a trivial patch and upload (pkg-perl)
  • #560643 – src:libbsd-resource-perl: "libbsd-resource-perl: FTBFS: tests failed"
    change debian/rules to stop running "icky" tests and upload (pkg-perl)
  • #561712 – live-magic: "live-magic: helpers now installed in /usr/share/live-helper/helpers and not /usr/bin"
    use patch from BTS and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #562347 – src:libnet-google-code-perl: "libnet-google-code-perl: FTBFS: test failed"
    upload package prepared by carnil (pkg-perl)
  • #566502 – liborlite-mirror-perl: "FTBFS: tests fail"
    upload new upstream version (pkg-perl)
  • #566585 – libtest-www-mechanize-perl: "FTBFS: tests fail"
    add a patch to work with newer Test::LongString and upload (pkg-perl)
  • #566590 – libxml-stream-perl: "FTBFS: tests fail"
    forwarded upstream (pkg-perl)
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