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2007-10-31 19:45:34 +0100
next next step
after a little communication problem between my Application Manager & me I got an email today stating that T&S 2 (the second set of questions in the "tasks&skills" part for my New Maintainer process) is finished, too.
the next part will now be a check of my packages which will be interesting, too.
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2007-10-31 19:38:13 +0100
could someone please tell me that today's the sweets collection day (also called "halloween" AFAIK); I wouldn't have answered the door bell ...
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2007-10-23 10:31:49 +0200
global warming
snow flakes in front of the window. on the twenty-third of october. *sigh* & that's what they call "global warming"?
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2007-10-21 03:12:12 +0200
0 vs. 22
outside temperature: 0° C.
size of my new tft: 22". guess what I like better :)
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2007-10-14 00:21:42 +0200
news from the hardware corner
gudrun lent me her old TFT (thanks!); it's small (15") but works much better than the crappy old CRT I've been using for the last two days. at least I won't turn blind until the samsung 226bw I've ordered today will arrive. & philipp hast lent us an old machine called "phercab" (thanks!) which has become guinan's fourth host body; i.e. I put the two disks (& the NIC) into the machine, & after a little fsck'ing guinan is up & running again.
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2007-10-12 00:49:47 +0200
dead, probably dead (x2?), alive again
coming home after a long work day I detected a strange smell in my room; after some investigation it turned out that guinan's motherboard has melted down; i.e. her third host body is dead for sure (offers for a replacement welcome). well, no flat server at the moment. more unpleasant is that it seems to have killed (via the kvm switch) my TFT; need to check again, call the insurance company, probably buy a new screen. — currently I'm typing in front of an old & not very healthy 15" CRT; I hope the problem is fixed before I turn blind. (oh, BTW, the kvm switch might be dead, too, at least keyboard & mouse have stopped working several times.) good news: my hero&hausmasta chrisu has soldered a — whatever, the part to be able to connect to the serial port in my bricked fonera, & after changing the RX/TX cables it really works with the serial extension cable I have (& cutecom as a terminal app). some times later it works ("works" as in: I successfully re-flashed & therewith de-bricked kes). the key was not to transfer the needed files via cutecom and the xmodem protocol but via tftp. helfpul links:
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2007-10-08 18:14:37 +0200
one less
david & me have decided not to look for a new flatmate; david will take the room as his bedroom, & this flat will become a "two-old-men-with-beards-&-glasses-shared-apartment".

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