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2006-08-25 23:56:21 +0200
life as a part-time artist
we're sitting in the evening sun. chrisu's singing. klemi's harping. I'm smoking.
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2006-08-23 00:06:03 +0200
all my bags are packed ...
... I'm ready to go, I'm standing^Wsitting here ... & tomorrow we'll go to ferrara again, in order to take part in the ferrara buskers festival. — after having finished all my preparations I'm now really looking forward to re-visit the awesome city & to experience the highs (& lows, probably) of playing music in public. stay tuned (sic!).
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2006-08-15 01:54:16 +0200
the farm
"the farm" is a nice exercise in the field of group dynamics — basically all members of a group have to agree on the assignment of a typical farm role to each of the group's members.
a "fork" of the exercise is if one or more persons just try to assign roles for themselves and others in a group; & that's what david & me tried today for the cUG. cf. also david's comment and/or ask at or
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2006-08-11 16:05:40 +0200
miscellaneous notes
eastern tyrol
explaining a campaign "per l'uso responsabile del alcool" in italian to italian tourists is fun. southern tyrol
driving through the val pusteria/pustertal is !recovery: why are they creeping without any reason (mostly cars with italian & some with german licence plates)? fm radio
needed: blacklists for fm radio stations (that skip northern/southern tyrolean folk channels during autosearch). geekwear
wearing the new debian t-shirt for the first time feels good. recycling
chips seem to be made out of paper; at least some guy throwing a paper plate with chips on it into the paper bin at a local snack booth seems to think so ...
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2006-08-07 00:20:02 +0200
open air cinema
this year's season of the open air cinema in innsbruck started last friday. today I managed to see the first movie (despite the moderate temperature & the high humidity). the movie was good, the court of the zeughaus rather empty, I didn't freeze to death.
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2006-08-06 17:39:28 +0200
today's the first anniversary of my blog. the first entry was published on 2005-08-06 17:47:08 CEST.
time to look back.

entries per category:

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misc		12
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personal	34

entries per month:

July 2006	5
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September 2005	21
August 2005	24

total status:

Total categories:		4
Total entries:			132
Total visits (last year):	2167


9, among them 8 with debian/linux tipps.
it seems that the enthusiasm at the beginning has faded soon (which doesn't tell anything about the quality :-)). most entries are about my debian/computer related adventures.
& I'm still happy with using nanoblogger. let's see what the next year brings ;-)
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