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2013-01-27 18:22:50 +0100
RC bugs 2013/04

yeah, the RC bug count is going down, mostly due to the bug squashing party taking place in cambridge, uk, this weekend (with participation of some release team members).

here are my contributions during the last week:

  • #677054 – nut-client: "nut-client: prompting due to modified conffiles which were not modified by the user"
    add some information to the bug log, later NMUd by Ivo De Decker/Andreas Beckmann
  • #695710 – src:adplug: "adplug: includes non-free documentation (GFDL with unmodifiable sections)"
    repack again, upload to DELAYED/5
  • #696144 – spamassassin: " regex for illegal IP address contains valid network 5/8"
    add a comment to the bug report, then marked as fixed in wheezy+sid by other contributor
  • #698764 – libio-compress-perl: "libio-compress-perl: breaks "debmirror" and possibly other packages."
    some investigation (pkg-perl), later closed as user error
  • #698979 – src:libmail-cclient-perl: "libmail-cclient-perl: FTBFS with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck"
    fix debian/rules (pkg-perl), severity later downgraded by release team
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2013-01-20 23:37:58 +0100
RC bugs 2013/03

& again, I was not very active in my RCBW work this week. at least one bug fixed, & another one will be taken care of by the package maintainers.

  • #683312 – uif: "[PATCH] uif uses depricated position of ! to negate rules"
    ask submitter for further info, later upload with improved patch to DELAYED/5
  • #694015 – geda: "geda: copyright file missing after upgrade (policy 12.5)"
    next try to fix the directory -> symlink change, this time with a postinst script, upload to DELAYED/2, later cancelled after feedback from maintainers
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2013-01-13 19:07:46 +0100
RC bugs 2013/02

the count of RC bugs is rather constant, & my impact on it during this week was rather negligible again:

  • #671690 – libgamin0: "libgamin0 breaks courier-imap/courier-imap-ssl (Sudden termination of connection)"
    add some info to the bugreport, do a manual versioned close after confirmation from bug submitter
  • #690152 – src:bsaf: "bsaf: FTBFS: Test org.jdesktop.application.TaskMonitorTest failed"
    add some info to the bugreport
  • #697892 – src:virtualbox: "src:virtualbox: FTBFS in sid and experimental: /usr/bin/kmk_sed: file /tmp/buildd/virtualbox-4.1.18-dfsg/src/VBox/Runtime/common/err/errmsg.sed line 31: Unmatched [ or [^"
    report new RC bug
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2013-01-06 19:03:52 +0100
RC bugs 2013/01
new year, old habit: my weekly report about my RC bug activities:
  • #675913 – resource-agents: "ldirectord failed to start, RFC2553 compatible getaddrinfo/getnameinfo"
    prepare upload to t-p-u
  • #694589 – lastfmproxy: "lastfmproxy: python module/script files in wrong location"
    add some info to the bugreport
  • #696075 – lcl-utils: "lcl-utils: directory vs. symlink mess after squeeze => wheezy upgrade: /etc/lazarus"
    add some info to the bugreport
  • #696507 – src:festival: "festival: FTBFS: does not define DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH"
    apply patch from Ivo De Decker, upload to DELAYED/2
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