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2007-06-19 20:06:02 +0200
having a laptop at hand & wireless around almost all the day; still not reading as much mails/postings/blogs/irc as at home. I guess I have one of the largest & heaviest laptops & one of the smallest batteries.
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2007-06-17 15:09:21 +0200
full suitcase
forgot the power strip for my laptop at home. now roaming edinburgh on a sunday afternoon. update: a few minutes later I found a little shop & a suitable cable.
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2007-06-10 22:21:55 +0200
fun on sunday
my thinkpad had troubles with kernels in the 2.6.x series where x >= 21. a bugreport later I found myself on the kernel bug tracker. today Thomas suggested to try an -mm-patch; I grabbed it from, & played around. read my results in Bug 8463 on the kernel bug tracker.
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