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2010-11-29 00:18:48 +0100
RC bugs 2010/46 - 2010/47
this time my report on my work on RC bugs contains the list of what I did during the bug squashing party in bern. – thanks to the nice guys from switzerland, france, & italy for the great time, & especially to gaudenz for organising the meeting!
  • #551543 – muttprint: "cannot remove path when cwd is /tmp/muttprint*"
    grab patch from BTS and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #561645 – gdesklets: "FYI, cannot run gdesklets with python2.6"
    upload to DELAYED/2 after a test from a fellow DD, reschedule to DELAYED/0 with maintainer's permission later
  • #602222 – bacula: "bacula meta-package not installable with recommended packages"
    add patch inspired by proposal in BTS and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #603145 – lprfax: "lprfax: fails to install and eats all cpu"
    add a comment to the BTS
  • #603303 – ttf-oriya-fonts: "ttf-oriya-fonts: purge does not remove oriya fonts from defoma cache"
    downgrade + tag unreproducible
  • #603407 – gearman-server: "gearman-server: Server hangs when job is submitted"
    request more information from submitter (pkg-perl)
  • #603561 – latex209-bin: "latex209-bin: fails to upgrade from lenny, probably a dependency cycle with latex209-base"
    sponsor NMU (DELAYED/2)
  • #603737 – libwww-myspace-perl: "libwww-myspace-perl: b0rked after MySpace changes in November 2010"
    ask release team for removal (pkg-perl)
  • #604018 – pure-ftpd-postgresql: "pure-ftpd-postgresql: fails to authenticate, errors in configuration file (SQL)"
    add a patch/comment to the BTS
  • #604042 – opendnssec: "Purging opendnssec-common causes dpkg (or at least aptitude) to break"
    grab patch from BTS and upload to DELAYED/2, later cancelled on maintainer's request
  • #604212 – hylafax-server: "capi4hylafax: installation fails"
    merge with #604221
  • #604215 – libpam-rsa: "libpam-rsa: installation fails"
  • #604221 – hylafax-server: "hylafax-server: installation fails"
    add a patch to the BTS
  • #604224 – pike7.8-dev: "pike7.8-dev: installation fails"
    add a comment, tag unreproducible
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2010-11-13 23:58:13 +0100
RC bugs 2010/43 - 2010/45
if I'm not mistaken, more & more people are trying to hunt down RC bugs – nice! here are my contributions during the last weeks:
  • #591133 – src:linux86: "linux86: FTBFS: ncc: illegal label"
    grab patch from BTS and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #592546 – kernel-package: "kernel-package: does not create bootable image"
    lower severity
  • #595397 – libsys-sigaction-perl: "libsys-sigaction-perl: FTBFS on armel, unsupported"
    close after verification (pkg-perl)
  • #598956 – libwebkit-1.0-2: "On kfreebsd going into web pane segfaults Liferea."
    grab patch from BTS and uploaed to DELAYED/5
  • #599693 – nama: "nama: Startup fails because socket creation fails"
    upload fixed package prepared by bolangi (pkg-perl)
  • #600585 – vzctl: "vzctl: package fails to purge due to missing line continuation"
    apply patch from BTS (plus two other patches for two other bugs) and upload to DELAYED/7. later uploaded by maintainer
  • #601116 – liburi-perl: "liburi-perl: FTBFS in squeeze: test failed"
    upload to t-p-u and unstable (pkg-perl)
  • #601978 – gbonds: "gbonds: file conflict during upgrade from lenny"
    grab patch from BTS and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #601979 – libcherokee-server0-dev: "libcherokee-server0-dev: file conflict during upgrade from lenny"
    add Replaces and upload to DELAYED/2, later integrated into maintainer upload
  • #601988 – xfsprogs: "xfsprogs: file conflict when upgrading from lenny"
    add Replaces and upload to DELAYED/2, later fixed by maintainer upload
  • #601990 – libqdbm3++c2: "libqdbm3++c2: file conflict when upgrading from lenny"
    sponsor maintainer upload
  • #601996 – uim-applet-gnome: "uim-applet-gnome: file conflict when upgrading from lenny"
    grab patch from BTS and upload to DELAYED/2
  • #602171 – gdesklets: "gdesklets: won't start"
    propose a debdiff
  • #602832 – libsocket-getaddrinfo-perl: "libsocket-getaddrinfo-perl: 0.16-1 segfaults on lenny and squeeze"
    raise severity and provide some debug info (pkg-perl)
  • #602872 – wine: "wine: ftbfs on amd64, needs to build-depend on new ia32-libs-dev"
    upload NMU from mentors.d.n to DELAYED/7
  • #602877 – dvd+rw-tools: "dvd+rw-tools: apt dpendency problem"
    add a comment to the BTS, closed by maintainer afterwards
some remarks:
  • although I was at the bug squashing party during the Paris Debian MiniConf I was more productive at home; I guess there was just to much other stuff to do (like going to talks and meet people) in Paris :)
  • still no single complaint for my NMUs; but a few "thank you"s & some friendly requests to delay/cancel an NMU from active maintainers
  • enrico sent some "should we remove this package from testing?" mails to several bugs today. IMO that's a great next step that will bring us closer to the release – grazie!
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