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2005-10-31 04:31:48 +0100
lorem ipsum
georg asks in his blog why I was writing latin (in the test entries of his blog which I had configured some weeks ago). the answer is quite simple: this "lorem ipsum" stuff is not latin but a well known dummy text ("blindtext") used by typesetters and others - cf. or btw: you could also delete my test articles :-)
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2005-10-30 13:08:51 +0100
munich east station. where is my train? confused. solution: DST ended today, I'm here 1 hour too early.
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2005-10-28 19:30:16 +0200
one week in berlin without playing guitar for one single minute. although I had all required stuff with me. shame on me.
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2005-10-22 15:39:32 +0200
MUC: forgot my bag in the s-bahn. ran back at my fullest speed - train&bag were still there. bought a snack.
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2005-10-20 22:13:30 +0200
added podcasting to the trio infernal website. maybe I should link/syndicate the feeds on our planet, too. (I used (ruby-)podcast for creating the rss files. Not in debian yet but works nevertheless after some fiddling around.) update: I added the podcasts to planet trio infernal (as statical links).
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2005-10-16 18:05:52 +0200
I really like the smell of hot olive oil before I put the onions into the pan.
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2005-10-15 20:52:18 +0200
lazy (?) saturday afternoon
I forgot to play guitar today. yes, really. why? - good question. I just did a little programming, cursed the washing machine (which didn't want to spin any more) [1], had some easy&nice dinner, not much else ... [1] as for washing machines: washing machine fingers lazy male
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2005-10-14 17:28:16 +0200
shopping afternoon
what I bought today:
  • blue jeans (in fact: black ~); wrangler
  • switch (the old hub was annoying); dlink
  • mp3-player (a usb mass storage device); trekstor
  • rechargeable batteries & a charger; varta
  • enough food for the weekend ;-)
update 1: everything works up to now but I discovered that one of my machines has only a 10MBit NIC inside. grmpf.
update 2: replaced the NIC with a 100MBit 3com 3c905c (2006-01-28).
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2005-10-13 13:18:24 +0200
more on cddb
all my cds are ripped finally but I have not found a decent way to submit new or corrected cddb entries. taking another look at the available debian packages I found two libraries that seem to be able to do it (libcddb2 (C) & libaudio-cd-perl (perl, obviously)) but a quick glance at the documentations & examples was not very helpful. then I did some research on which tools use these libraries & stumbled over crip - a nice perl script to rip&encode cds with many configuration options & editing possibilities - & the possibility to submit cddb entries. maybe I just take the cddb stuff out of it & add the feature to read my existing cwcdr files. update: the script now exists and serves my purpose. and I was put off by perl syntax again.
and in the course of hacking I filed 2 bugs against crip.
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2005-10-07 20:45:35 +0200
some idiots started to send emails with some crap to .ua domains using my address as envelope & header From:. several MX are broken enough to accept the mail & then bounce it later (instead of rejecting it in the first place) - to me.
as countermeasures I don't accept mail from the whole Ukraine and from several other broken mailservers around the world at the moment, an exim filter should also "fail" the bounces, and procmail moves the rest out of my sight.
at least the flood has declined after the outbreak in the afternoon. btw: converts from $ to (a multizone file). update: is dead.
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2005-10-04 16:51:40 +0200
nanoblogger & fortune & cron
after wondering for several days why the "fortune" section in my blog is always empty after I run nb via cron (in order to get a new fortune at least once a day!) I took a look at the code, found the expected problem, and fixed it; cf. my bugreport.
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2005-10-02 15:33:28 +0200
jar speaks german to me
what's happening here?
$ jar xzf foo.jar 
Unzulässige Option: z
Syntax: jar {ctxu}[vfm0Mi] [JAR-Datei] [Manifest-Datei] [-C dir] Dateien ...
why on earth is the output in german?
$ file `which jar`
/usr/bin/jar: symbolic link to `/etc/alternatives/jar'
$ file /etc/alternatives/jar
/etc/alternatives/jar: symbolic link to `/usr/lib/j2se/1.4/bin/jar'
$ file /usr/lib/j2se/1.4/bin/jar
/usr/lib/j2se/1.4/bin/jar: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.0.30, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped
$ dpkg -S /usr/lib/j2se/1.4/bin/jar
j2sdk1.4: /usr/lib/j2se/1.4/bin/jar
$ apt-cache show j2sdk1.4
Package: j2sdk1.4
Maintainer: Blackdown Packagers <>
Description: Blackdown Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition
anyway, at least I understand the message ;-)
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2005-10-02 04:12:50 +0200
cd ripping & cwcdr
decided to (try to) rip my audio cds (the HD must get filled somehow ...). installed cwcdr 'cause I like command line tools.
the first impression was very positive - a nice config file which can be tuned and no useless overhead. - after the second view I filed two bug reports.
anyway, the first cd is being ripped now.
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2005-10-01 19:12:24 +0200
winter in october
it's still f*cking cold. outside 12°C, and the flat doesn't get warm any more (temperature constantly below 20°C). why don't they turn on the heating? hot baths are nice but no solution for long days at home ...
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2005-10-01 19:07:57 +0200
shopping centers
each time I enter a shopping center with an elevator I'm astonished why there are so many people who seem not to understand how elevators work though two buttons ("I want to go upwards" vs. "I want to go downwards") and two illuminated arrows ("this elevator is on its way up" vs. "this elevator is on its way down") shouldn't be that complicated to interpret. how do they cope with much more difficult tasks like using an ATM or operating a car?
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2005-10-01 01:16:55 +0200
nanoblogger: last month's calendar
2005-10-01 and what happens? nanoblogger shows october's and august's (!) calender with my plugin for the previous month. well, there was bug, and the second (!) attempt to fix it seems to work now. - grmpf.
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