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2008-12-25 04:42:29 +0100
tux new
on monday I migrated tux (the debian server at my workplace) to a new machine (hp [0] proliant ml110 g5). & it was completely painless. what I did:
  • install a base system on the new machine (with debian-40r5a-etchnhalf-amd64-netinst.iso) [1]. yes, this is etch:
    • the installer worked flawlessly to create a RAID1 over the two disks & to install grub for booting from / on RAID. very nice.
    • just a minimal system, no users, ...
  • copy stuff over from the old machine: (most of) /etc (including /etc/passwd & friends), /home, & a bit more.
  • get the package list from the old machine, install them on the new machine keeping the old config.
  • a few minor tweaks.
  • change the ip addresses on both machines & switch their physical positions.
yes, that's it. after ~3 hours I now have:
  • my first dual-core machine
  • my first amd64 system
  • my first box with an etchnhalf kernel
  • a box that is completely bored :)
    from htop:
  1  [|                                        0.3%]     Tasks: 49 total, 1 running
  2  [|                                        1.0%]     Load average: 0.00 0.00 0.00 
  Mem[|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||442/1004MB]     Load: 0.00 
  Swp[                                     0/1976MB]     Uptime: 2 days, 12:01:18
I keep being impressed by how simple linux is, & how good debian & especially the debian installer works. do I need to mention that the migration of the windows server (from nt 4.0 to windows 2003 on new hardware) is still not finished after 2 days of hard work?
to be honest: the windows box has more jobs than tux: domain controller, roaming profiles, file server, exchange, mssql, some library database, ... tux only runs exim4 + spamassassin + clamav + greylistd, squid, some scripts, & does a bit of iptables blocking & port forwarding.
but still ...
(& the old machine worked more or less fine with 96 MB RAM & a ~300 MHz CPU.) [0]
because they are linux & debian friendly. [1]
of course that can be avoided by just copying stuff over from the old machine, either via netcat & friends or by putting the old disks in the new machine. but in this case (1) the old box doesn't boot from CD (have I already mentioned it's an old box?), (2) the old one has SCSI & the new one SATA disks, (3) the old one was i386 & the new one (at least potentially) amd64.
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2008-12-17 18:54:57 +0100
sound meets bytes
  • I have a new toy: notify-send.
  • I need to pratice guitar playing more often.
so let's try to combine these points:
  • install needed software: notification-daemon, libnotify-bin (contains notify-send).
  • find an image.
  • set up a cronjob.
cronjob (wrapped over several lines for better legibility):
0 17 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 notify-send \
	-t 0 \
	-u critical \
	-h "int:x:1680" -h "int:y:0" \
	-i /home/gregoa/data/sound/trio\ infernal/triologo_square_border_transparent.png \
	"Trio Infernal says:" \
	"Heute schon Gitarre gespielt?"
(for details check man 1 notify-send) result (at the top right corner of my screen):


& yes, this is not my only use case for notify-send :)
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