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2006-04-29 16:45:22 +0200
"last movie" in blog
I've just written a tiny nanoblogger plugin that shows the "last movie" I've seen (taken from my movie diary feed) in my blog's side bar.
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2006-04-28 16:16:46 +0200
successful afternoon
  • bought a "new" (i.e. a used but it's new for me) bike; the old one's back tyre looked like 88 or something, & several other parts were b0rked too.
  • cleaned my CPU fan again; & oops — the CPU temperature went down!
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2006-04-25 01:08:09 +0200
tonight I spent a whole evening with a friend on his balcony. - it feels kind of springish here ;-) update: tonight the temperature fell to 1°C. - WAAAAAHHH!
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2006-04-23 04:59:31 +0200
ignoramusses & iptables
ignoramusses shouldn't play with iptables; I just locked myself out from the Debian box at the office (while flushing(!) a chain). *sigh* update:
  1. went to the office & did a hard reset on the server. *urgs*
  2. played with iptables again. now the portforwarding stuff works.
— 2006-04-23
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2006-04-22 00:17:12 +0200 7
upgraded to 7 today. no big deal, some minor adaptions were necessary, then almost everything worked. with one exception: my hand-crafted xkbd-variant is not "found" anymore. & xmodmap -e 'keycode bla = foo bar baz' was not my friend either. & I had to accept the removal of mgp & xli due to unsatisfied dependencies. & I lost axyftp but that was my own fault. well. update: fixed the keyboard: xlibs -> xkb-data, /etc/X11/xkb/ -> /usr/share/X11/xkb/. not really difficult ;-)
& I substituted xli with xloadimage at the only occurence where I used it. — 2006-04-23
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2006-04-21 18:56:11 +0200
winter gone?
finally once again a "weather blog entry" ;-) today some hopes arose that winter is finally defeated. I went to work by bike without the thick winter pullover, & during the day the temperature rose to something above 20°C. but I'm still not sure if I should trust this development ... on other news: the day after tomorrow brings elections to the city council of innsbruck. I'm rather curious about the outcome ...
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2006-04-19 13:25:55 +0200
fun with packages & sponsors
during the easter weekend I had fun (more or less) with our three Debian packages (fullquottel, mimetic, & mailtextbody — cf. my last blog entry on this subject). a short chronology:
  • I had contacted debian-mentors@l.d.o on staturday one week ago in order to find sponsors - no reaction; I tried it again this saturday.
  • on saturday afternoon tony mancill contacted me & said that he would upload fullquottel and check the other two packages as well. shortly afterwards he uploaded fullquottel; thanks!
  • a short time later I got two REJECTs - one for fullquottel ("is already in the NEW directory"), & one for mimetic ("missing .orig.tar.gz").
  • it was not until sunday morning that I found out that christoph haas was the one who had uploaded these two packages; thanks! — no further actions on sunday except for some mails & me preparing a new version of the mimetic package.
  • on monday I suddenly got two new mails concerning uploads: a confirmation for mimetic & a REJECT for mailtextbody: ".orig.tar.gz is already in the NEW directory". this time it was martin würtele who did the uploads; thanks!
  • no further actions up to now except from a clarification mail from me to our three sponsors on monday ...
summary of the weekend: 3 days, 3 packages, 3 sponsors, 5 uploads, 2 confirmations, 3 REJECTs. situation: fullquottel's new revision is in unstable, mimetic is in the NEW queue waiting for ftp-masters' approval, and mailtextbody is in the NEW queue with an obsolete version, the new revision needs to be uploaded at the latest when mimetic is accepted. it's almost like a thriller :-) update: tony mancill has uploaded the new version of mailtextbody; thanks! so everything's done at the moment; mimetic & mailtextbody are awaiting ftp-masters' approval. — 2006-04-21 update: mimetic has passed ftp-masters' approval & has entered unstable. — 2006-04-30
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2006-04-14 01:04:45 +0200
one more debian box
we have an old red hat computer at the office, and I've been thinking about migrating it to Debian for a long time.
today I took another old machine (PII-200, 96 MB RAM, 2x2 GB HD on some adaptec SCSI controller, winbond NIC, IDE CD-ROM) and installed Debian. some notes:
  • downloaded the sarge net-install iso.
  • in the meantime I grabbed a keyboard and a monitor, booted and went to the BIOS - oops, no CD-ROM in the boot options (well, the box ist from 1996 ...).
  • the Debian CD-ROM really didn't boot.
  • downloaded Debian floppies.
  • reset. "boot failure".
  • still no success after re-writing the boot disks; neither with tom's rtbt floppy.
  • then I found sbm.bin on the Debian CD - a floppy image with a funny boot loader.
  • yeah, I could boot with the floppy and tell it to use the Debian net-install CD-ROM!
  • "expert26 $funny_kernel_&_boot_options" - "too many parameters".
  • "expert26".
  • I tried LVM for the first time. funny.
  • no network for apt - huh? well plugging the ethernet cable into the correct socket helped.
  • writing the boot loader (no grub because of LVM) - installation of lilo threw errors. I continued the installation nevertheless.
  • reboot. well ... no bootable device.
  • tried some things. no success.
  • then - ähemm - I re-enabled booting from hard disk in BIOS; & - it worked. good to know that LVM (from debian-install) & lilo work.
  • aptitude install less joe ssh
  • locales, .bash*, ...
now I just have to plan the further steps (replacing the old red hat box, running both, changing the network/masquerading stuff, ..., ?) - but I can do all this from home via ssh ;-) update: one week later the old red hat box died (I guess it was the PSU - at least something smelled not really fresh) - it was really good to already have a Debian box on cold standby :-)
btw: spamassassin (with a well trained bayes db) rocks! — 2006-05-01
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2006-04-06 00:06:52 +0200
there are people who keep asking what floopy drives could be useful for nowadays. one (additional) answer is: automatic debian installation (IOW: preseeding the debian-installer and putting the config on a floppy).
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2006-04-02 19:31:20 +0200
first guitar player
today — after more than a week of absence from felicidad — I felt like the first-guitar-player-ever: so many strings, so many frets, so many fingers.
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