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2013-04-14 19:48:38 +0200
RC bugs 2013/14-15

2 weeks passed, & I worked on exactly 2 RC bugs *cough*

  • #656166 – firmware-b43legacy-installer: "firmware-b43legacy-installer: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8)"
    ship empty directories in packages, upload to DELAYED/5, later moved to 0-day with maintainer's permission
  • #704870 – opus: "opus: cve-2013-0899"
    add pointers to upstream bugs/commits, later NMUd by another DD
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2013-04-01 00:43:35 +0200
RC bugs 2013/13

seems like the release is imminent, at least I hardly find anything to work on anymore. so this week's "report" contains just an upload for one old bug:

  • #697221 – motion: "motion: No longer has support for mysql"
    add some info to the bug report, then add a version to the build-dep and upload to DELAYED/1
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