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2011-01-26 21:31:33 +0100
sleep well
my desktop machine is rather old & was never able to suspend/hibernate. or more precisely: to wake up afterwards. today I was in the mood for testing it again, because with the Debian kernel even KMS works on it. &: suspend & hibernate also work! both manually via /sys/power/state & with pm-utils. very nice. – I don't know if it's 2.6.37 or the better .config or something else – & I don't really care :) (it looks like using a distro kernel really pays off. less karma for me, more disk space used – but also more features.)
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2011-01-16 23:17:40 +0100
RC bugs 2011/01 - 2011/02
new year, new RC bugs – most of the fixes below are for newly reported bugs in versions that don't affect squeeze. the rest are mainly uploads of packages or patches prepared by others.
  • #566072 – util-linux: "fsck now failing hard for unavailable filesystems"
    prepare a patch based on adsb's analysis. later fixed in maintainer upload
  • #605912 – runit: "runit: Upgrade failure lenny -> squeeze"
    sponsor NMU prepared by jonathan nieder
  • #606370 – libcgi-pm-perl: "CVE-2010-2761 CVE-2010-4410 CVE-2010-4411"
    upload package prepared by ntyni to unstable, testing-proposed-updates, and stable (pkg-perl)
  • #607556 – src:libconfig-model-itself-perl: "libconfig-model-itself-perl: failed tests"
    manual close, new version works again (pkg-perl)
  • #609398 – src:libfile-userconfig-perl: "libfile-userconfig-perl: Failing tests if home of building user is not available"
    set HOME to a writable directory in debian/rules (pkg-perl)
  • #609402 – src:libapache2-reload-perl: "libapache2-reload-perl: mkdir in home of building user"
    upload package prepared by periapt (pkg-perl)
  • #609464 – src:libfile-homedir-perl: "libfile-homedir-perl: Failing tests in t/02_main.t tests"
    set HOME to a writable directory in debian/rules (pkg-perl)
  • #609467 – src:libpath-dispatcher-declarative-perl: "libpath-dispatcher-declarative-perl: tests fail"
    upload new upstream release (pkg-perl)
  • #609468 – src:libtk-pod-perl: "libtk-pod-perl: cannot remove path when cwd is /tmp/tkpod_8LQuQjJc for /tmp/tkpod_8LQuQjJc: at /usr/share/perl/5.10/File/ line 902"
    set HOME to a writable directory in debian/rules (pkg-perl)
  • #609469 – src:dh-make-perl: "dh-make-perl: Tries to mkdir directory in home of building user"
    set HOME to a writable directory in debian/rules. in svn, not yet uploaded (pkg-perl)
  • #609472 – src:libgraphics-gnuplotif-perl: "libgraphics-gnuplotif-perl: Build hangs"
    set HOME to a writable directory in debian/rules (pkg-perl)
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2011-01-12 23:23:05 +0100
2011-01-04 02:36:35 +0100
RC bugs 2010/50 - 2010/52
the release team has started to usertag [0] the remaining RC bugs – yeah, another step towards the release! here are my small contributions around RC bugs:
  • #544310 – xsidplay: "xsidplay: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (alsa is linux-specific)"
    add [linux-any] to libasound2-dev, upload to DELAYED/2, later integrated into maintainer upload
  • #551543 – muttprint: "cannot remove path when cwd is /tmp/muttprint*"
    add a patch for the second incarnation of the bug report
  • #604234 – emacspeak-ss: "emacspeak-ss: dpkg hangs while preconfiguring packages"
    update bug info
  • #605240 – tenshi: "tenshi: fails to upgrade from lenny"
    update bug info
  • #605793 – src:libclass-dbi-asform-perl: "libclass-dbi-asform-perl: FTBFS: failed tests"
    add patch and tighten build dependency (pkg-perl)
  • #606000 – libmail-spf-query-perl: "libmail-spf-query-perl: Incorrect query results with IPv6 addresses; should warn about missing IPv6 support and/or fail graciously"
    update bug info and clone to qpsmtpd (#607472), package removed later (#608335)
  • #606777 – sendfile: "sendfile: package fails to upgrade properly from lenny"
    update bug info, later upload chris' patch to DELAYED/2
  • #606779 – openswan: "openswan: package fails to upgrade properly from lenny"
    update bug info
  • #606785 – common-lisp-controller: "stumpwm: package fails to upgrade properly from lenny"
    reassign and update bug info, later sponsor maintainer upload
  • #606802 – bacula-director-pgsql: "bacula-director-pgsql: make_catalog_backup is broken"
    investigate further and make proposals, later upload to DELAYED/2
  • #607472 – qpsmtpd: "qpsmtpd: Switch from Mail::SPF::Query to Mail::SPF"
    propose patch, later closed by maintainer
[0] if I got it right: update: all tags combined: (thanks to the RT for the URL & to zack for the pointer)
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2011-01-04 02:16:42 +0100
archäologie des alltags - renewed
after spending something like two weeks *cough* on it, it seems I've more or less finished the conversion of my archäologie des alltags (travel observations) from journal.cgi plus hand-crafted rss, pdf, & epub to asciidoc (plus hand-crafted rss, again). I've learned more about asciidoc, docbook, xml, xsl, xslt, plus new details of apaches's mod_rewrite & whatnot than I ever wanted to know, & there's still enough I don't understand. I'm not sure the result is really that overwhelming (html is ok, rss & epub work, pdf leaves something to desire; at least my Makefile is fun :)); but I guess I leave it at that for the time being. if you find any non-obvious problems, just shout.
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