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2018-10-06 22:36:53 +0200
long night of museums 2018

after being lazy for a couple of years today I took the opportunity on a warm (= föhny) autumn evening to visit a few places at this year's lange nacht der museen. it was fun but I'm not 100% convinced about the event (or my preparation for it): the big houses are crowded & the small ones don't offer a lot. – anyway: here's what I've seen:

  1. fotoforum west
  2. taxispalais kunsthalle tirol
  3. not (ausstellung der youngcaritas)
  4. audioversum
  5. inn situ (= btv fo.ku.s)
  6. landesmuseum ferdinandeum
  7. neue galerie der tiroler künstler*schaft
  8. hofburg (ausstellung "guernica")
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