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2006-11-29 15:57:42 +0100
2006-11-24 19:09:33 +0100
fun with irssi/screen/ssh/xscreensaver
after procrastinating for several months today I moved my irssi instance from my workstation to a screen session on my playground server (in order to have it running permanently). I've documented the setup (script for starting/re-attaching the screen session on the server, connect from the workstation via ssh on X startup, setting un/away remotely via ssh in accordance to xscreensaver status on the workstation) in a small article.
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2006-11-22 18:27:55 +0100
upgraded from firefox 1.5 to iceweasel 2.0, swapped tabbrowser extensions against tab mix plus, removed an unused extension/add-on, added another one, found out that sage uses alt-z (instead of alt-s) now, played around with my userChrome.css (partly successfully), & I am quite happy.
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2006-11-15 17:57:03 +0100
one more free box around me
during the last months we had problems with the internet connection at our office. I decided to exchange the router in order be to able to eliminate one possible culprit. I went to buy a linksys wrt54gl ('L' as in 'Linux'), connected the cables, configured the box via the typical web interface, &: no connection to the internet via the funny austrian adsl (i.e. pptp) connection. the router got a connection but not a single packet went to the host at the other end of the tunnel. time to implement my "secret" plans for the router: after reading the docs I installed openwrt, changed some settings (for pptp, for wpa encryption, for port forwarding), & one ifdown/ifup wan/wifi later it worked like a charm. now let's see if the connection becomes more stable; if not then it's not the old router's fault, & I'll use the 'free' wrt54gl at home. update: a few weeks later it's still running without any problems; so the connection issues at the office are solved; & I need to buy another wrt54gl if I want to have one at home ;-) — 2006-12-12
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2006-11-11 01:06:24 +0100
today philipp & me went to bolzano/bozen for the SFScon. it was a nice day with some good although not exciting talks (targeted at the general public but partly interesting nevertheless), & with meeting some interesting people (among them enrico zini from the debian project & werner koch from gnupg); listening to some (parts of) talks in italian was easier than coping with the german simultanous interpretation. we finished the day with a delicious dinner in an italian restaurant.
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2006-11-04 03:25:55 +0100
it seems that I've neglected my blog in the last weeks. maybe I should read fewer blogs from others. or tackle new activities that are worth to be blogged about.
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