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2009-02-14 23:03:31 +0100
new toys
I'm playing with my new toys: I got my OpenMoko Freerunner around 2.5 weeks ago. of course I've installed Debian on it — & I'm spending so much time with it that I don't have the time to blog about my successes & failures :) but I guess I will. today I bought a 3G usb modem & an appropriate SIM card (the yesss! product sold at hofer [they even had one in stock in the third outlet I checked {at 17:57}]) — mainly to have a SIM card for my Freerunner without having to take my regular one out of my communicator :) but of course also to have mobile internet. setting up the latter was not much of a hassle; usb_modeswitch doesn't seem to be necessary (usb_storage fails, so the two modem devices are brought up) but I have it installed nevertheless. & regarding the connection: guess what — using pppd (pon/poff after writing /etc/chatsecrets/yesss & /etc/ppp/peers/yesss) works better than umtsmon (which works too except that it claims "connection error" after setting up the connection). (pppd files & usb-modeswitch/umtsmon packages available on request. basically there is all available out there "on the intarwebs")
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