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2007-09-23 02:10:19 +0200
don't ask me why but yesterday & today I played with the modem on nerys (my thinkpad R60e). it's a conexant hsf softmodem or something like that, & it didn't really work with sl-modem-daemon which was installed but not activated. in the end it was not that difficult: I grabbed hsfmodem- from the linuxant download page, detected the debdist target in their makefile, & after some swearing & fixing errors I got a .deb (no, I don't really know if it's different from the .deb offered there). when installing the .deb a kernel module is built (so kernel-headers & stuff are necessary but they are here anyway). one reboot (hello?) later the module works. wvdial didn't like me but pppconfig/pon/poff worked (with an old account from no, I still don't know why I would actually need /dev/modem on my laptop :)
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