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2005-11-19 15:03:18 +0100
some current annoyances:
  1. snow: yesterday snow was falling when I went to a bar by bike. *sigh*
  2. bike: some idiot smashed my bike against the wall in front of the bar; now the front light is not working any more (I had my bike's lights repaired just the day before yesterday). *sigh*
  3. foot: the splinter in my foot (cf. this blog entry) starts hurting again. *sigh*
  4. /tmp: cron can't write to /tmp any more on one of my machines. hu? *sigh*
  5. windows: a friend has problems with his windows machine - the machine/mouse/network/whatever is terribly slow. a virus? - I guess I'll have to go there and take a look. despite one of my favourite t-shirts. *sigh*
  6. postgresql: why is there no DROP SOMETHING IF EXISTS foo? - if I use DROP statements I get errors about non-existing stuff, if I leave out the DROP lines I get errors on CREATEs because stuff already exists. - no problem for manual interventions, but dbconfig-common breaks. deadlock? *sigh*
*sigh* update 1: fixed items #2, #4, #5. working on #6.
update 2: fixed item #3.
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