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2011-01-04 02:16:42 +0100
archäologie des alltags - renewed
after spending something like two weeks *cough* on it, it seems I've more or less finished the conversion of my archäologie des alltags (travel observations) from journal.cgi plus hand-crafted rss, pdf, & epub to asciidoc (plus hand-crafted rss, again). I've learned more about asciidoc, docbook, xml, xsl, xslt, plus new details of apaches's mod_rewrite & whatnot than I ever wanted to know, & there's still enough I don't understand. I'm not sure the result is really that overwhelming (html is ok, rss & epub work, pdf leaves something to desire; at least my Makefile is fun :)); but I guess I leave it at that for the time being. if you find any non-obvious problems, just shout.
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