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2006-04-19 13:25:55 +0200
fun with packages & sponsors
during the easter weekend I had fun (more or less) with our three Debian packages (fullquottel, mimetic, & mailtextbody — cf. my last blog entry on this subject). a short chronology:
  • I had contacted debian-mentors@l.d.o on staturday one week ago in order to find sponsors - no reaction; I tried it again this saturday.
  • on saturday afternoon tony mancill contacted me & said that he would upload fullquottel and check the other two packages as well. shortly afterwards he uploaded fullquottel; thanks!
  • a short time later I got two REJECTs - one for fullquottel ("is already in the NEW directory"), & one for mimetic ("missing .orig.tar.gz").
  • it was not until sunday morning that I found out that christoph haas was the one who had uploaded these two packages; thanks! — no further actions on sunday except for some mails & me preparing a new version of the mimetic package.
  • on monday I suddenly got two new mails concerning uploads: a confirmation for mimetic & a REJECT for mailtextbody: ".orig.tar.gz is already in the NEW directory". this time it was martin würtele who did the uploads; thanks!
  • no further actions up to now except from a clarification mail from me to our three sponsors on monday ...
summary of the weekend: 3 days, 3 packages, 3 sponsors, 5 uploads, 2 confirmations, 3 REJECTs. situation: fullquottel's new revision is in unstable, mimetic is in the NEW queue waiting for ftp-masters' approval, and mailtextbody is in the NEW queue with an obsolete version, the new revision needs to be uploaded at the latest when mimetic is accepted. it's almost like a thriller :-) update: tony mancill has uploaded the new version of mailtextbody; thanks! so everything's done at the moment; mimetic & mailtextbody are awaiting ftp-masters' approval. — 2006-04-21 update: mimetic has passed ftp-masters' approval & has entered unstable. — 2006-04-30
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