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2010-10-01 03:34:14 +0200
dear nokia, if I want to import an .ics file into your /usr/bin/Calendar (sic!) & you just tell me "Invalid calendar file" – that's not helpful & reminds me of microsoft. if you – after I fix some encoding problems & other calendaring applications accept the file (btw: they also helped me to find these issues by useful error messages) – still tell me "Invalid calendar file" it gets really annoying. if I finally find out – with trial&error – that your calendar imitation chokes on VEVENTS that use DTSTART + DURATION because you expect DTSTART + DTEND — then one of us hasn't understood rfc 2445. is it only me who sees a strong negative correlation between size of corporations & cluefulness? update 1: seems I was rather annoyed yesterday. update 2: that's probably maemo bug 10218.
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