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2013-08-11 13:23:12 +0200
DebCamp 2013

[no pictures here, just a short report].

Today DebConf, this year's edition of the annual Debian developer conference, started with two inspiring talks about Debian proper, one by Lucas Nussbaum, the other by Joey Hess.

This also means that yesterday DebCamp ended, the period preceeding DebConf and dedicated to working on Debian together with others. – Here's a short report from my point of view:

I arrived here on Tuesday, the first day of DebCamp. I immediately fell in love with the venue, & despite the early stage of setup, everything I needed was working fine for me from the very start.

Like in previous years, I used the time to do work in the Debian Perl Group, especially taking advantage of the presence of other team members. – That's the great thing about DebCamp & DebConf: collaborating in real-life & real-time, from quickly asking a question over sitting together to think about solutions for a problem to "just" chatting & thereby developping ideas for the future.

In the previous days I

  • tried to get down the amount of packages with not-yet uploaded new upstram releases;
  • looked into the pending bugs around the Perl 5.18 transition;
  • investigated with others the details of the upcoming new timezone file handling in the Perl world, which will make our lives easier but still needs some work on the Debian side;
  • prepared with others the Perl Group's BoF that will take place during DebConf on Thursday;
  • helped with the creation of a new pkg-perl-tools package.

I really enjoy my time here, & I'm especially happy to meet some people for the first time in meat space. This is only possible due to the generous support of the DebConf sponsors & the immense efforts of the DebConf team. Thank you!

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