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2012-07-06 22:59:21 +0200
DebCamp impressions
I'm here in managua since sunday evening, & by now DebCamp is slowly getting to its end. So here are some of my impressions so far:
  • as each year, it's great to have time to work on Debian stuff for longer times undisturbed;
  • it helps to have other people around, & be able to ask them something just across the table;
  • I'm spending a good chunk of my time with the other guys from the Debian Perl Group, both in my "work time" & in my "free time" – it's just a pleasure;
  • most of my work was on the Open Tasks of the Debian Perl Group – preparing our meeting next week, working on bugs, preparing changes to our policy, cleaning up never-uploaded packages in our repos, updating our documentation, doing mass-changes across hundreds of packages, ...;
  • hotel, university, food, etc. are all fine & the people are all friendly & helpful;
  • yesterday evening we even had "una noche de la poesia" in a nearby bar.
thanks to all organizers & sponsors who make this experience happen!
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