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2010-08-25 20:41:39 +0200
derivatives as users?
there was a recurring catchphrase during DebConf10, worded something like "Debian derivatives are also our users", that appeared quite often in talks as well as in hallway chats. I kept pondering about this idea, & I'm still not sure what to think about it, & what the "message behind the message" actually is: is it an intelligent new point of view, some new way of thinking, seeing an increase in our user base & therefore in our possibilities&responsibilities? or, on the contrary, is it an admission of "defeat", accepting in resignation that end users prefer other distros, & Debian can only cling to the idea of "derivatives as users" in order to maintain its raison d'ĂȘtre? in the beginning I liked the idea ("oh, I haven't looked at it that way yet"); over time I tended to hear the defending undertone stronger ("if nothing else we are at least useful as a base for other distros"). the phrase might have both aspects; & I'm still not sure neither how it was actually meant nor if I like it ...
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