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2013-03-03 18:15:07 +0100
DPL game

when francesca started her DPL game, I also started thinking about people I'd like to encourage to stand as a DPL candidate. unfortunately my initial "short list" contained 18 names, which doesn't fit the game's rules very well.

after waiting a bit, 9 of them were mentioned by others already, so I can leave them out here (which also means no public hug, sorry, please complain to the inventor of the game!). from the remaining 9, I've now chosen my Fantastic Four (in alphabtic order of first names):

in my opinion, the DPL task is mostly about managing, & those four people are in my experience all very good at organising projects & dealing with people, & are therefore well suited for this task. – let's see if they feel motivated to take on the challenge!

(the nomination period has already started, so don't hestitate!)

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