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2008-02-11 23:36:20 +0100
fun with 2.6.24, part II
after my laptop I tried to get 2.6.24 running on my desktop machine; several attempts (Debian kernels, self-compiled ones with different options) all led to the same results: a machine that feels rather unresponsive & where music has sporadic dropouts. some searching on the intarweb showed that the new CFS scheduler (cf. Documentation/sched-design-CFS.txt) (at least the enabled-by-default CONFIG_FAIR_USER_SCHED flavour) might have latency problems, in itself or in combination with the ondemand CPU frequency scaling governor or with nice'd processes; after turning off all CONFIG_FAIR_* options in .config, recompiling & rebooting the machine seems to behave normally. maybe I'm missing some great new features but actually I prefer a working desktop computer :) update 1: approximately half an hour after the original blog entry I had my first "ion sorbet", i.e. a half-frozen ion3 (the applications are still running, I can switch to a tty but I cannot change/close/whatever ion3's frames). at the moment I have no idea what's going (wr)on(g) here ... update 2: two more "ion sorbets" today yet; let's see if a new kernel (CONFIG_FAIR_USER_SCHED seems to be fixed in & a new ion3 version help. update 3: still the same problems (& inbetween some glitches with switching from X to a tty and back; I hope I solved them with some kernel config options); ATM I suspect ion3 to be the culprit; when it hangs it eats almost all the CPU, & strace'ing the pid gives only SIGALRM messages. update 4: maybe I fixed the problem; by changing from ion3's deprecated statusbar_external.lua to the newer statusd_exec.lua (I just wanted to get rid of the error when starting ion3 ...). update 5: & after compiling a kernel without PREEMPT ion3-statusd doesn't get stuck at using all my cpu every once in a while. or after removing some duplicated statusd_*.lua scripts. who knows. update 6: nope, ion3-statusd is still hogging the cpu. argl. update 7: I guess it's statusbar_external.lua's fault, as it happens on my other machine too.
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