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2014-12-11 21:45:07 +0100
GDAC 2014/11

is enthusiasm contagious? I think so. a recent example: another advent posting. – ¡gracias!

this posting is part of GDAC (gregoa's debian advent calendar), a project to show the bright side of debian & why it's fun for me to contribute.

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  1. [gravitar] mirabilos
    The website you’re linking just does two popups “Rangy not supported in your browser. Reason: Neither Range nor TextRange are implemented” and then redirects to a page just saying: This site runs, the high-performance Open Source social engine. It pumps your life in and out of your friends, family and colleagues. (No account yet? Try it!) So, WTF? (Konqueror, Debian sid)
  2. [gravitar] gregoa
    hm, WFM with iceweasel, chromium, lynx, elinks, and w3m (debian sid). maybe a temporary glitch at

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