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2014-12-16 23:46:58 +0100
GDAC 2014/16

today I met with a young friend (attending the final year of technical high school) for coffee. he's exploring free software since one or two years, & he's running debian jessie on his laptop since some time. it's really amazing to see how exciting this travel into the free software cosmos is for him; & it's good to see that linux & debian are not only appealing to greybeards like me :)

this posting is part of GDAC (gregoa's debian advent calendar), a project to show the bright side of debian & why it's fun for me to contribute.

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  1. [gravitar] Kevin Veroneau
    I'm quite sure not only greybeards like you use Debian. I have been using Debian since Woody was released, and I was only 20ish then. Now, 10 years later, I am still a pure Debian user, and on every device I can install it. Although, I have been into Computer Science most of life, so it's very natural for me to be using a Linux system(or so I feel). On top of that, I really enjoy playing with more retro tools, like Gopher, Lynx, and have even been on some MUDs.

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