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2006-02-21 18:52:15 +0100
guinan dying (or dead?)
chronicles of the suffering of an old server:
  • came home from work.
  • started my workstation.
  • realized I had no connection to guinan (playground server & web/apt proxy & file server).
  • turned on the monitor: nothing.
  • did a hard reset.
  • guinan booted, everything seemed to work.
  • the syslog didn't show anything interesting.
  • some minutes later guinan froze again.
  • hard reset again, & I chose memtest86+ from grub.
  • during the 7th test strange charcaters showed up in the time column. no reaction to key presses.
  • turned the power off. opened the chassis. took out the RAMs. broke the socket of the first RAM slot (only at the side).
  • turned the power on. much fan sound, no picture, no network.
  • changed the monitor. changed the graphics card. changed the PCI slot for the graphics card. nothing.
  • booting with or without RAM, with or without graphics card just produces fan noises, HD noises, nothing more. no beeps e.g.
  • closed the chassis, moved guinan back in position, turned her off.
hints welcome.
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