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2010-12-23 20:26:14 +0100
kernel fun
a few days ago I was quite happy with 2.6.37-rc5-686 because ath5k suddenly works. but. but then I found out that it turns off the screen so effectively (after the screensaver, so in DPMS standby/suspend/off) that it stays black. not good. ok, let's try (vanilla) 2.6.37-rc7. – no DKMS & no X. not good. let's apply a friendly patch from the Debian kernel. – DKMS & X are back. but DPMS still leaves the screen black. also when invoked manually with xset. not good. let's ask a search engine. – oh, a known bug: 22672. hm. at least the workaround (close lid / suspend to RAM) works. & turning off DPMS (in xscreensaver & laptopmode) obviously helps. but then my poor noseguy can't stop wandering around the screen ... don't we all love the blood^Wbleeding edge?
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