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2011-10-01 22:26:01 +0200
long night of museums 2011
"lange nacht der museen" – a warm late-summer evening, & it's amazing how many galleries, exhibition rooms, etc. innsbruck has. a quick list of my tour (all places in the city center, & just a few minutes away from each other by bike). as usual, the quality was mixed.
  1. kunstpavillon der tiroler künstlerschaft: no exhibition, & the projector for the movie wasn't ready yet
  2. neue galerie der tiroler künstlerschaft: weird something (the confusing way)
  3. fo.ku.s foto kunst stadtforum: a few boring photos
  4. galerie 22a: great paintings from carmen m selma
  5. galerie im taxispalais – galerie des landes tirol: some nice drawings, & a funny video
  6. kunstraum innsbruck: weird installation & video (but somewhat funny)
  7. gösser's: delicious zwickl (wait – that's not art in the strict sense, & not included in the "long night" ticket)
  8. fotoforum west: a projected photo blog
  9. galerie nothburga: some nice mini-sculptures, & some paintings, not my style
  10. artdepot – kommunikationszentrum für kunst und kultur: a few abstract (?) paintings, not my style
  11. galerie kass: a few paintings, not my style
  12. <some garden across the street from the last gallery>: music & fashion, if I understood it correctly
  13. aut. architektur und tirol: installations, in the wider sense; with an interesting tour
ps: the only places I knew beforehand were 6, ‚óŹ, & 8.
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