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2011-10-24 04:09:37 +0200
managing $HOME
I'm not the first one who thought about managing their dotfiles & scripts in a (D)VCS in order to be able to have them in sync across different machines, & I even haven't re-invented the wheel for doing so. – short report on my experiences: after looking around a bit I decided to try movein (info page with links to downloads & a README, blog post, git repo) because it looked liked it would easily do what I'd like to do without getting in my way too much; which means e.g.: no symlink farm, & only one simple command to manage the whole setup. movein is a simple shell script that allows to setup & manage multiple modular repos tracking different sets of files quite easily, taking advantage of the powers of git & mr. & being written in shell means I also was able to make a few changes, which stew kindly accepted & applied to his tree already. in fact I'm just starting to use it for real, but it looks good so far, & I think I'm going to stick with it for the time being. 2 minor observations:
  • git in squeeze vs. wheezy/sid behave differently: the former happily & silently overwrites existing files, the latter dies loudly on each existing file. – not sure which behaviour I actually prefer.
  • running mr up on a couple of repos from a machine without an ssh key on the target machine is kind of boring ...
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