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2005-10-13 13:18:24 +0200
more on cddb
all my cds are ripped finally but I have not found a decent way to submit new or corrected cddb entries. taking another look at the available debian packages I found two libraries that seem to be able to do it (libcddb2 (C) & libaudio-cd-perl (perl, obviously)) but a quick glance at the documentations & examples was not very helpful. then I did some research on which tools use these libraries & stumbled over crip - a nice perl script to rip&encode cds with many configuration options & editing possibilities - & the possibility to submit cddb entries. maybe I just take the cddb stuff out of it & add the feature to read my existing cwcdr files. update: the script now exists and serves my purpose. and I was put off by perl syntax again.
and in the course of hacking I filed 2 bugs against crip.
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