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2006-09-12 21:44:29 +0200
new toy
since sunday I've been playing with a new toy: & its "scrobbling" feature. I've written a small tool to submit tracks ("scrobble") from the command line (in some lines of perl; not published yet); I've created a account; I've patched randomplay to make it use my lastfmscrobble script (& in a meaningful way, i.e. submitting only after a song has been played & if its score is > 0); & I've played around with clients (I didn't get the new one from the webpage to work but the old one from the debian package works if set to use OSS & invoked as aoss lastfm).
& I've written a nanoblogger plugin (more perl than bash) to show the recently played tracks in the blog's sidebar — & then decided to use's status graphics anyway (after figuring out how to configure them).
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