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2006-02-19 19:20:11 +0100
today hendrik announced new versions of his *obex* packages on the debian-mentors list. I grabbed & installed them; & — hooray! the stuff works with my nokia communicator 9500. finally I'm able to up-/download files under debian (with obextool using obexftp via the usb connection). related non-news: (g|w)ammu still don't like the communicator (or the dku2 cable) - I can connect via the at19200 connection type but then I have no access to contacts/calendar/sms/... update 1: fixed an error (--get doing the same as --getdelete) in hendrik's version of obexftp & sent him a patch. updated packages are available from the Toastfreeware Debian Repository. — 2006-03-05 update 2: some 70 minutes later hendrik has applied a slightly modified version of the patch & has published new packages. thx! — 2006-03-05
packages removed from the Toastfreeware Debian Repository.
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