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2006-01-05 02:24:46 +0100
pain & fun
the painful problem: when I'm listening to music (with randomplay) mpg321 blocks the sound card. [0] side effect: I don't get sound notifications from centericq, & usually I don't see new messages because of the small window centericq is running in. the funny solution: cw:

This package contains a simple command line client called cw, which sounds characters as Morse code on the console speaker. [..]

from now on I get morse messages from centericq whenever the sound card is used by an application [1][2] - cute ;-) [0] & I haven't found a quick solution to open /dev/dsp non-blocking ...
[1] aplay .. || (echo "bla" | cw ..)
[2] & I'm somewhere near the box
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