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2010-10-25 00:47:29 +0200
RC bugs 2010/41 - 2010/42
it seems I was a bit busy & lazy in the last two weeks. luckily diocles & evgeni were more active than me – kudos! here are my small contributions:
  • #594860 – src:hmmer: "hmmer: FTBFS (powerpc): altivec and cast errors"
    sent debdiff to the BTS, later uploaded by maintainer
  • #598958 – src:doodle: "doodle: FTBFS: configure: error: Doodle requires libextractor."
    add a patch to the bug (no upload, only experimental affected), later fixed by maintainer
  • #600015 – gextractwinicons: "gextractwinicons: Fails to extract resources"
    manually close a bug (syntax error in changelog)
  • #600806 – libxml-rsslite-perl: "libxml-rsslite-perl: Test data does not have license"
    help in the coordination/decision about removal from testing, upload new package to unstable (pkg-perl)
  • #601116 – liburi-perl: "liburi-perl: FTBFS in squeeze: test failed"
    draft a preliminary patch (pkg-perl)
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