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2011-05-23 17:52:30 +0200
RC bugs 2011/11 - 2011/20
long time no post about my RC bug fixing activities. & indeed, I haven't been very active during the last weeks. here's a quick update; it includes two NMUs done for the perl 5.12 transition, the rest is just "normal" maintainance work (interesting to see how much stuff can break behind our backs ...).
  • #578940 – libhttp-proxy-perl: "libhttp-proxy-perl: FTBFS with perl 5.12.0-1: POD coverage"
    add patch as a workaround (pkg-perl)
  • #603251 – libsys-syslog-perl: "libsys-syslog-perl: obsoleted by perl in squeeze"
    upload new upstream release (pkg-perl)
  • #612780 – libnet-ssleay-perl: "libnet-ssleay-perl: FTBFS against openssl 1.0.0c-2 from experimental"
    upload package with patch by chrisb (pkg-perl)
  • #615571 – libclone-fast-perl: "libclone-fast-perl: FTBFS with perl 5.12.3: test failures"
    upload with patch from niko tyni (pkg-perl)
  • #616566 – libconfig-model-itself-perl: "libconfig-model-itself-perl: Failing test t/itself.t"
    upload package prepared by dod (pkg-perl)
  • #621019 – libwww-perl: "typo in depends makes package uninstallable"
    fix typo in dependency (pkg-perl)
  • #621135 – libwww-perl: "libwww-perl: Breaks partial upgrades from squeeze"
    upload package prepared by periapt (pkg-perl)
  • #621468 – libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl: "libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl: FTBFS: Can't locate Test/YAML/Meta/ in @INC"
    grab patch from upstream bugtracker (pkg-perl)
  • #621469 – src:libmojomojo-perl: "libmojomojo-perl: FTBFS - failing tests"
    upload new upstream release with fixed dependency (pkg-perl)
  • #622919 – libjifty-dbi-perl: "libjifty-dbi-perl: security SQL injection"
    upload new upstream release (pkg-perl)
  • #623510 – libjgoodies-looks-java-doc,libjgoodies-common-java: "libjgoodies-common-java and libjgoodies-looks-java-doc: error when trying to install together"
    fix Document files in .doc-base file
  • #624767 – src:libbuffy-bindings: "libbuffy-bindings: FTBFS"
    update build dependencies, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #624811 – src:mapserver: "mapserver: FTBFS: ld: cannot find -lepsilon"
    add missing build dependency, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #625840 – libnet-freedb-perl: "libnet-freedb-perl: FTBFS - test suite needs internet access"
    disable tests that need internet access (pkg-perl)
  • #625908 – libmath-random-perl: "libmath-random-perl: Not whitelisted for autobuildding in non-free"
    add XS-Autobuild field (pkg-perl)
  • #627170 – src:libdata-amf-perl: "libdata-amf-perl: Can't locate YAML/ in @INC"
    add missing build dependency (pkg-perl)
  • #627177 – src:libtest-www-mechanize-perl: "libtest-www-mechanize-perl: Failing tests"
    upload new upstream release (pkg-perl)
  • #627229 – src:libaudio-ecasound-perl: "libaudio-ecasound-perl: Ecasound.xs:5:23: fatal error: ecasoundc.h: No such file or directory"
    upload package with fixed build dependencies prepared by ghedo (pkg-perl)
  • #627231 – src:libdbix-class-candy-perl: "libdbix-class-candy-perl: Failing tests t/irc-schema.t"
    adjust versioned build dependencies (pkg-perl)
  • #627238 – src:libcatalyst-modules-perl: "libcatalyst-modules-perl: failing tests"
    update the faulty module (pkg-perl)
  • #627270 – src:libstring-errf-perl: "libstring-errf-perl: failing test in t/basic.t"
    upload package prepared by ghedo (pkg-perl)
I still hope to find some more time in the future to look at other RC bugs; after all we want to have a not-too-long freeze for wheezy, don't we?
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