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2011-12-04 21:48:15 +0100
RC bugs 2011/48
here's my report about RC bug related activities for the last week. – besides working on the bugs mentioned below I've also documented my RCBW work flow for the NMUs, just in case it's interesting for others.
  • #615705 – dasher: "dasher: ftbfs with gold or ld --no-add-needed"
    add patch from Mònica Ramírez Arceda, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #628590 – siggen: "please make siggen depends on oss-compat"
    add missing dependency, do a QA upload
  • #633453 – drac: "drac: fails to install due to incorrect dependencies in init.d LSB header"
    add patch from Ubuntu / Daniel T Chen, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #634451 – src:hwinfo: "hwinfo: FTBFS: /usr/include/dbus-1.0/dbus/dbus.h:29:33: fatal error: dbus/dbus-arch-deps.h: No such file or directory"
    add patch from Simon McVittie, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #638379 – xine-ui: "xine-ui: fatal error: curl/types.h: No such file or directory"
    add patch from Ubuntu / Daniel T Chen, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #639772 – src:slrn: "slrn: FTBFS: checking for the slang library and header files ... no"
    point configure to multiarched slang, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #639991 – guile-1.8-non-dfsg: "guile-1.8-non-dfsg fails to build from source in unstable"
    add patch from Ubuntu / Matthias Klose, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #640439 – src:gtk-nodoka-engine: "gtk-nodoka-engine: FTBFS: nodoka_style.c:1279: undefined reference to `sqrt'"
    add patch from Ubuntu / Micah Gersten, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #640883 – libnet-ldap-perl: "regression: breaks $ldap->start_tls()"
    add patch from Peter Marschall, taken from upstream's "next" branch (pkg-perl)
  • #643339 – src:most: "most: build fails on configure-step (couldn't find slang.h)"
    add patch from Ubuntu / Daniel T Chen, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #643371 – src:dasher: "dasher: FTBFS: game_mode_helper.cpp:327:15: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments [-Werror=format-security]"
    add patch from Eric Alexander, upload the DELAYED/2
  • #649066 – libmason-perl: "libmason-perl and mason: error when trying to install together"
    upload new upstream release, package prepared by Florian Schlichting (pkg-perl)
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