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2012-02-12 15:47:40 +0100
RC bugs 2012/05-06
I was at FOSDEM over the last weekend, so here's my report for two weeks now:
  • #445842 – rmagic: "rmagic: fails with current libgd"
    add patch from Andreas Beckmann, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #610332 – aiccu: "/etc/pm/sleep.d/60aiccu hook may cause unacceptable resume delays"
    improve pm-utils hook script, upload to DELAYED/2, then moved to 0-day on maintainer's request
  • #628305 – src:gpa: "gpa: FTBFS: checking LIBASSUAN API version... does not match. want=1 got=2."
    apply upstream patch, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #629693 – src:spim: "spim: FTBFS: ../CPU/spim-utils.c:117:7: error: invalid use of void expression"
    add patch from Ubuntu / Matthias Klose, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #629747 – src:fso-abyss: "fso-abyss: FTBFS: build-dependency not installable: libvala-dev (>= 0.8.1)"
    switch to vala-0.10, inspired by the patch from Ubuntu / Barry Warsaw, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #629782 – src:fso-misc-vapi: "fso-misc-vapi: FTBFS: build-dependency not installable: libvala-dev"
    switch to vala-0.10, inspired by the patch from Ubuntu / Barry Warsaw, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #635550 – pmw: "pmw: piuparts: fails to install (update-gsfontmap again)"
    send patch to the BTS, fixed by maintainer later
  • #642375 – cardstories: "cardstories: ftbfs on i386 due to test value > sys.maxint"
    add patch from Ubuntu / Barry Warsaw, upload to DELAYED/3
  • #642566 – python-saga: "python-saga: doesn't depend on python"
    apply missing part of Jakub Wilk's patch, upload to DELAYED/2, later integrated in maintainer upload
  • #650800 – src:hiredis: "hiredis: FTBFS on mipsel: rm: cannot remove `/tmp/redis.sock': No such file or directory"
    sponsor maintainer upload
  • #652182 – src:cardstories: "cardstories: FTBFS: TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'"
    drop "X-Python-Version: all", upload to DELAYED/3
  • #652231 – src:brickos: "brickos: FTBFS: semop(2): encountered an error: Invalid argument"
    close as unreproducible
  • #656153 – jspwiki: "jspwiki: postinst failure: chown: invalid user: `tomcat6'"
    add thoughts in the BTS
  • #656178 – mandos: "mandos FTBFS on buildds"
    add build dependency and set locale for manpage building, upload to DELAYED/2
  • #657478 – biomaj-watcher: "biomaj-watcher: doesn't use invoke-rc.d"
    use invoke-rc.d in postinst (and quote variable in config), upload to DELAYED/2, later cancelled on maintainer's request
  • #657746 – prolix: "prolix: under- and wrongly-documented, not working interactively at all"
    upload new upstream release (pkg-perl)
  • #658394 – src:libio-socket-socks-perl: "libio-socket-socks-perl: FTBFS - test failures without network (was: [Bug 924169] [NEW] libio-socket-socks-perl fails to build without a network connection)"
    upload package prepared by Jonathan Yu (pkg-perl)
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